Rick Feds

Audio/visual artist, Rick Feds

Hello! Thanks for reaching out! My name is Rick Feds. I'm an audio/visual artist that seeks the boundaries of interactive art forms and I'm very honoured to take part in The IMX Showcase. Wishing you the best and see you there!

Rick Feds

London, United Kingdom


Rick Feds is one of the greatest finger-drummers in the world today who is able to “finger-drum” all individual parts of electronic music arrangement and the visual story simultaneously. Performer, music producer, Fulbright scholar, TEDx speaker, artist that experiments with technology and seeks the boundaries of interactive art forms. His finger-drumming technique allows him to control all the music production arrangement live that also triggers visual content all in real time. His show is on the very edge of nowadays technical possibilities, controlling VR, 360 projections, movie theaters, lights, fire works and even water fountains.
Rick Feds has opened shows for: James Arthur, AraabMuzik, Jungle.
Performed solo shows at: The Cutting Room (NY), Rockwood Music Hall(NY), South by South West (Austin, TX) etc. He has been on Ableton's TOP 5 list for 2 years in turn and his mastery on the sample pad as well as the technical innovations have been described in music forums around the world


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