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Rapper , 6ambu Starr

6ambu Starr was born June 25th 1991 in South Side Jamaica Queens, New York in the United States. He grew up around hip hop his whole life especially sine his older brother is Fredro Starr and his cousin is Sticky Fingaz. They are Platinum Artist in a group called Onyx. 6ambu witnesses their ongoing greatness. The love for hip-hop is the reason why 6ambu grew a passion for music. After Junior High he stqrted writing music and developing his own flow; while also balancing being a football superstar. At the age of just 8 years old, he was introduced to the sport. 6ambu's cousin in-law told his father about the Pop Warner league for Springfield rifles. He was teammates with Dj Jus who is the official Dj for Bow Wow. 6ambu began to take his career serious in 2018 by dropping music on streaming platforms. The first project was Grammy under the name 6ambu Gutta. He later changed his name to 6ambu Starr in 2019 and been on a tear ever since.

6ambu Starr

Queens, United States of America

6AMBU STARR is the youngest brother of Fredro Starr from Onyx. He is the next generation coming out of South Side Queens; the same neighborhood as Onyx, 50 Cent, Nikki Minaj and The Lost Boyz. 6ambu has performed and recorded with some big acts just to name a few Famous Dex, Lou Got Cash, MR Cheeks, Keith Murray, Freck Billionaire, battle rapper DNA and many more. He is also walking in the foot steps of Fredro Starr by acting in the hit web series Da Brooklyn Way; acting along side acts like Un Kasa, Big Daddy Kane, Red Man, battle rapper Charlie Clips, boxer Zabb Judah and much more. 6ambu is also a model he last modeled for Ewing Athletics. His latest solo project he released was “The Foreign Tour”. He also has a ep with his older brother Fredro Starr called “6lunt 6rothers”


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