Institut Français + Centre National de la Musique + What The France

The Institut français promotes French culture internationally, in dialogue with foreign cultures.

It promotes initiatives related to various artistic fields, intellectual engagement, cultural and social innovation, and linguistic cooperation. It promotes the French language around the world, as well as the mobility of works of art, artists and ideas.

The goal of the CNM is to guarantee the diversity, renewal and freedom of musical creation.

The CNM’s financial and non-financial aid schemes aim to support authors, composers, artists and the professionals who work with them to enable them to reach out to all audiences in France and internationally.

What The France is a recommendation brand created by CNM (Centre national de la musique) to shine a light on the finest music made in France.

As streaming breathes new life into the musical economy, the CNM decided to develop a tool specifically adapted to these new modes of consumption and to create a dedicated website, playlists and branded events to present the most exciting new music coming out of the French music scene.


Showcasing Artists:

  • George Ka
  • KIZ
  • Lean Chihiro
  • James Baker
  • The Rodeo
  • Antoine Chambe

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