Kendell Single By Sunday

Manager, Single By Sunday

Hello, I am Kendell. I manage a Pop Rock band called 'Single By Sunday' from Glasgow, Scotland. I have been involved in the music industry for many years. I started out as a performer; writing poetry and then moved in rap before forming a Reggae Bhangra band called 'Stereo Nation' and we successfully toured across India, African, Dubai etc. I was also a part of The Specials(MK11) when they unofficially reformed back in 1996. I have also worked as tour manager and now manager. I am always interested in meeting and talking to new people and trying to create new and exciting opportunities for 'Single By Sunday'.

Single By Sunday

Glasgow, United Kingdom


Formed in 2015, they cite the likes of Blink 182, The 1975 and My Chemical Romance as influences.
Known for their trademarked coloured hair, Single By Sunday combine their raucous guitars and energetic live shows with a millennial brashness whilst retaining some of the original mid-eighties Pop Punk attitudes.
The band is comprised of Josh Ladds - lead vocals (rhythm guitar), Jonny Eakins - lead guitar (backing vocals) Jack Black - bass guitar (backing vocals) and Simon Drummond - Drums, they are often referred to as the Scottish 5 Seconds of Summer.
Their style of melodic Pop Rock allows them to embrace their passion for including other musical styles and genres, e.g. synth pop, dance and even 80s Disco. “We just like to explore music and don’t believe that genres should have boundaries.”


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