Yavor Nedev

Guitarist, Manager, KREKHAUS

I am the guitar player and founder of Bulgarian alternative rock / punk band Krekhaus. Having founded the band five years ago, I devote my energy to building network connections with industry professionals, exploring export opportunities and developing my band's music brand. In addition to playing at the band, I have co-founded the Sofia International Music Conference - the first Bulgarian professional showcase. Our aim is primarily to educate Bulgarian artists on industry best practices. When not working on music, I enjoy writing, reading and exploring the visual world through my camera lens.


Sofia, Bulgaria

<a href='https://www.krekhaus.band/' target='_blank'>https://www.krekhaus.band/</a>

KREKHAUS is a four-piece band based in Sofia, Bulgaria.
Joining the IMX straight after showcasing at Mondo NYC (USA), Norrkoping Music Days (Sweden) and Waves Vienna (Austria), Krekhaus is booked to showcase at the Future Echoes festival in Sweden in February 2022. Parallel to touring, the band is working on an EP due to publish in the first half of next year.
Krekhaus like to experiment with the standard rock vocabulary borrowing influences from jazz, swing and the classics.


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