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Terms & Conditions

Huanchang Singing Network Technology (Shanghai) Co., trading as International Music Expo (the “Event”) is an online music industry conference, music showcase (“the Showcase”) and business expo event running during the whole month of October 2021. IMX creates a digital environment for artists and industry professionals, non-governmental and governmental organisations, tech and game companies to connect, learn and grow together as part of the global industry community. Kanjian Music (“Kanjian”) is responsible for assisting in the programming of the Event.

Please note that the following T&C applies to both Exhibitors and Artists:

i. Exhibitor is hereby invited to submit this application (“ the Application”) and provide a pre-recorded video (the “Video Recording”), subject to the terms and conditions of the purchased package (“the Exhibitor Tier”) The schedule, overview and arrangements for the Video Recording are subject to the Event’s programming team discretion.

ii. Applications for Event’s Exhibitor Tiers (Standard, Premium, Ultimate or Primetime) open on July 19th, 2021 and close on Wednesday, September 8th, 2021 at 11:59pm CET.

iii. The person listed as Primary Contact in your IMX Showcase Application should be someone authorized to respond on behalf of the act applying and who frequently checks their email. Notifications from IMX will be sent to the Primary Contact email address, and will require a timely response.

iv. Within 48 hours of submitting you will receive a confirmation email from IMX. If you do not receive notification within 48 hours, please follow up by email to ensure your showcase application has been submitted properly and is under consideration.

v. Deadline for submissions is ​​September 8th, 2021 at 11:59pm CET.

vi. Please note that only one (1) submission per Artist is allowed. Subsequent submissions from the same Artist for a different artistic project (“Additional Artists”) are subject to the Programming team’s prior approval.

Hereby Applicant agrees to be a part of the Event and accepts the following terms:

    1. Applicant has reviewed the terms of this Application, which Application terms, including, without limitation, the eligibility criteria and entry deadlines, are incorporated into these Terms and Conditions, and Applicant agrees to those Application terms.
    2. The Application fee is for Event receiving, handling, reviewing, and processing Applicant’s Application, and is not refundable for any reason, including, without limitation, if Applicant is no longer able to participate in Event for any reason. Event can be contacted with questions about fees at [email protected] prior to entering this Application. For the avoidance of doubt, Event Fee applies to Exhibitors and Branded Showcase only.
    3. Applicant participating in the live broadcast promotion event organized by IMX (the “Showcase”) shall participate in the form of providing audio-visual recordings ( the “Showcase Recordings”). Applicant shall perform live music in the Showcase Recordings on which shall present a healthy and active image, and IMX shall provide Applicant with corresponding publicity and promotion in the Event. The duration of Showcase Recordings shall be controlled within 10 minutes. IMX may make necessary modifications to Recordings based on the requirement of this Event.
    4. During the Event, the Video Recording and the Showcase Recording will be disseminated through Digital Service Providers (“DSPs”) Worldwide, including without limitation video platforms and live-broadcasting platforms.
    5. Applicant hereby grants the license to Event, to utilize the Video Recording and/or the Showcase Recording featuring Applicant and the Applicant’s likeness (including without limitation, company logo, photos, biography, etc). Event may redesign and combine the Applicant’s likeness with other words or elements for the purpose of the Event promotion. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Event shall not modify the Video Recording and/or Showcase Recording or Applicant’s likenesses in any other way that may be deemed as derogatory or in any other way that may affect the moral rights of the Applicant. Applicant hereby acknowledges that Event may, at times, localize and transcribe the Applicant’s speech in the Video Recording and/or Showcase Recording into subtitles. Applicant hereby grants Event the license to utilize aforementioned likenesses for promotional purposes on third party platforms in connection to Event and promotional activities regarding the Event.
    6. After the Event, the Video Recording and/or the Showcase Recording (the “Live Video”) will be disseminated online as VOD (Video On Demand) for free. In the event that Kanjian shall distribute the Live Video to any third party for commercial use, the financial terms and arrangements with the Applicant will be subject to a separate agreement. In the case whereby a potential debate should arise in terms of agreement negotiations, Kanjian will be ultimately responsible for deciding the terms of aforementioned agreement, considering the nature of the relationship with any third party.
    7. In the event that Applicant publishes any content anywhere in any language or disseminates information that includes obscenity, pornography, gambling or violence, or contains remarks on religious, cultural, or ethnic matters, including defamatory or insulting remarks, or content that may incite violence against certain groups, or any other content which violates Chinese laws and regulations, Kanjian reserves the right to unilateraly terminate and withdraw from the Applicant Agreement. All associations, affiliations and uses of trademarks will no longer be permitted. For the avoidance of doubt, Applicant shall be solely responsible for any improper use of the aforementioned content.
    8. Applicant shall pay attention to their words and deeds, present a healthy and active image of themselves during the Event as well as respect and maintain the image of IMX and the Event. Should the reputation of IMX and the Event be negatively affected due to Applicant’s violation of laws or ethics, public order or good customs, IMX has the right to immediately terminate this Agreement after notifying Applicant in writing. It is hereby acknowledged and understood by Applicant that, according to the laws of the PRC, which governs this agreement, Applicant cannot show any visible tattoo at any time during the streaming of the Video Recording and/or the Showcase Recording and that failure to comply will end up in the removal of the Video Recording and/or Showcase Recording.
    9. Applicant shall indemnify and keep Event, Kanjian and their local partners fully indemnified from and against all actions, claims and demands brought against these resulting (directly or indirectly) from any infringement of intellectual property rights of any third party effected. For the avoidance of doubt, any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this agreement shall be settled under the PRC legislation.
    10. Applicant represents and warrants that the information provided in this Application is accurate and that Applicant has the rights necessary to enter this Application, all aspects of the product, service, and/or idea underlying this Application are Applicant’s own and do not infringe on the rights of any third party, Applicant’s Application and Video Recording as well as Showcase Recording does not violate any agreement(s) or understanding by which Applicant is bound, including, without limitation, any confidentiality, employment, consulting, intellectual property assignment or license agreement, nor would Applicant’s participation at event violate any such agreement(s).
    11. This Application does not grant me the rights to use the Event’s trademarks or other proprietary intellectual property.
    12. Applicant hereby agrees and consents that Event may perpetually use, publish, distribute, and publicly perform content embodying Applicant’s name, voice, likeness, image, biographical information, statements, and other identifying materials, only if such content is provided by Applicant, or, in recordings captured during Applicant’s participation at Event (collectively, “Applicant’s Likeness”) in connection with Event’s products and services, and materials and activities that promote Event’s products or services in any medium, including, without limitation through the Event’ platforms, social media channels, owned and operated website, and the Event media partner outlets (collectively, the “Event Materials”). Applicant understands and agrees that (a) there will be no financial or other monetary compensation for such use of Applicant’s Likeness in the Event Materials, (b) Event shall have the right to edit, rearrange, vary, change, alter, modify, and delete Applicant’s Likeness in the Event Materials without changing the substance or meaning, (c) no promotions or other material incorporating Applicant’s Likeness need be submitted to Event for any further approval and Event shall be without liability to Applicant for any use of Applicant’s Likeness, and (d) Event shall be the exclusive owner of all right, title and interest, including copyright, in the Event Materials.
    13. Applicant consents to Event collecting, processing and using the personal data Applicant supplied in this Application in order to review Applicant’s materials and communications about the Application.
    14. Applicant hereby acknowledges and agrees that in order to improve the Event experience or due to causes outside of the control of Event, Event reserves the right to: (a) modify the dates, locations or method of participating in Event ; and/or (b) cancel, modify or suspend Applications for Event, whether accepted or not. Applicant agrees that Event may notify of any of these modifications by posting a notice on its website. Applicant agrees that there will be no remedy against Event, at law or in equity or otherwise, if (x) the dates, locations or methods of participating in Event change; or (y) Applicant’s Application is denied, cancelled, or suspended, regardless of the reason.
    15. This Agreement shall be effective as of the date of acceptance of the Terms and Conditions. Any party who violates any statement or guarantee under this Agreement or fails to perform any obligation under this Agreement shall be deemed in breach of the Agreement.
    16. In case that one party breaches the agreement (the “Breaching Party”), the other party (the “Non-Breaching Party”) has the right to immediately suspend the performance of its obligations under this Agreement; and provided that the breaching party fails to make full remedy within fifteen (15) days after that the Non-Breaching Party issues the notice of breach of agreement, the Non-Breaching Party may terminate this Agreement without notice. In addition, the Breaching Party shall compensate, indemnify and hold the Non-Breaching Party harmless from and against any and all claims, economic losses, damages, deficiencies, obligations, liabilities, costs and expenses incurred or suffered as a result of or in connection with the breach of agreement, as well as expenses incurred by judgments and settlements, including reasonable legal expenses.
    17. These Terms and Conditions will be interpreted by, and enforced in accordance with, the laws of the PRC regardless of applicable choice of law rules. Applicant agrees that the exclusive venue for any dispute between Applicant and Event related to this Application will be in a court of competent jurisdiction in Shanghai, China.
    18. By clicking the box below, Applicant agrees to these Terms and Conditions and that the information in the Application is accurate, has the rights necessary to share the materials contained in this Application, and the Application will not infringe on any third party’s rights or violate any applicable laws.


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