Peter Smith

Producer, W.O.W

Hello everyone


London, United Kingdom

A new exciting musical affiliation - BEATS - VIBE - DANCE - SONG

Standing for Will Of Wills, a new music affiliation have been busy honing in on their craft for feel-good music and wanting to combine that in a way of making people feel closer to each other.

From this, W.O.W have presented their debut single titled ‘IBT4U’ standing for ‘I’ll Be There For You’. This debut single is the perfect combination of summer, fun, representing what W.O.W are about and helping people to come together in perfect harmony. Released in July, 2021, the group are just getting started and with more music and more exciting projects lined up, you’ll want to hit that subscribe and follow button so you don’t miss a thing.

W.O.W are here now and they are here to stay. Stay Tuned.

It's all about DANCE - BEATS - VIBE - SONG

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